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I 'll to go over a few important things on this page that you have to know:


MiriamBallesteros.com is my personal blog. I provide general information – not professional or expert advice. I am not a certified financial planner, certified financial adviser or even the owner of a shiny business or finance related degree.

While I try to provide accurate information, it may not apply to you. I do thoroughly research the information I am providing, but it is meant to spark conversation and ultimately provoke you to take action about your finances finances and career. Please keep this in mind if you ever decide to take any advice I may provide.

In the event that I review a product, book or service I will always provide my honest opinion and disclose if I received compensation for the review. You should know that:

  • I am part of affiliate advertising programs. This means that if you make a purchase through certain links on this site, I may make money. However, I cannot be held liable for anything on external websites that are linked to from my blog.
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In most cases though, I’m just reviewing a service I currently use, enjoy and believe it helps me level up my career.

Privacy Policy

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Thank you so much!